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New crowdfunding equity for Golden Wave Company

Opstart launches a new crowdfunding-equity for Golden Wave Company, an enterprise offering operating experience in high-end sailing boats. They offer state-of-the-art catamarans complete with crew and a superior level of on-board service.

Oneida, Golden Wave Company’s first catamaran yielded the following initial results for 2021: fully-booked & 100 % customer satisfaction including €230’000 (2 hundred and 30…) in revenue and 10 weeks forward bookings for the next season.
In the wake of these positive results , Golden Wave Company aims to add one catamaran to its fleet every two years. One of their crowdfunding equity targets is to buy Oneida 2, a brand new catamaran.


Key points:


• The catamaran Oneida offers a full-circle experience with all the luxury services of a five-star hotel including on-board crewing and master chefs. Water-themed entertainment for fun — as well as off-ship excursions.
• The global yacht charter-market is in a state of constant growth, with an estimated value of $17 billion through 2027. The catamaran market-segment alone enjoys an estimated growth rate of 6.6% per year.
• The company benefits from the nauticalw-activity fiscal-incentives offered by Greece.
• GWC is partnered to local players and international networks.
• The business plan foresees an investment exit after 5 years, with return-on-capital and settlement of accumulated ROI.
• Various levels of investor reward exist according to the investment level, with the possibility of monetization.

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