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Storingcargo the platform of sharing warehouses

Do you have a empty or underused warehouses? Do you want earn something with your empty spaces? The sharing economy can help you with its special branch: Sharing warehouses or Truly Shared Warehousing. We talked about this industry some years ago. Today we meet a young Slovenian company who aims to become a landmark in European sharing warehouses. We meet StoringCarco and its founder David Benedik.



1) What’s StoringCargo?


StoringCargo is a platform where companies can share their empty space in the warehouse and warehousing seekers can easily found and reserve (rent) warehousing over the internet. This means they can rent warehousing services not only space.


2) How did the idea of StoringCargo?


The idea starts when we saw that there is no such thing on the internet where you could easily rent a warehousing service. There were only real estate websites where you were able to rent the entire building. On the other hand, we saw a lot of unused ( empty ) space in regular companies like manufacturing or re-sellers, and we think that is a good opportunity for them to get some more earning from that. However, they already have all the equipment and workers.


3) How does StoringCargo work?


One scenario is that when warehousing seekers arrive at StoringCargo, they can easily search true more than 365 warehouses, calculate prices and pick the best one for them. With our system, they can easily reserve and control their reservation over the internet. The warehousing is rented in minutes.

On the other hand, there are companies that want to get temporary reservations (earning) for their empty space ( until today, only logistics companies do this. From now on, everyone can ). A company can register a warehouse on StoringCargo totally for free and they set their own price list. Our system helps them control the reservation and is moving all paper works to digital.



4) Who are the users StoringCargo?


StoringCargo users are small transport companies, logistics companies, Amazon sellers, Fair exhibitors, and other small companies that know that renting an entire warehouse is not the best choice from a financial perspective. We see a huge demand at companies that are product or company representatives in some country and at companies from other continents that want to sell in the EU.


5) What are the future projects of StoringCargo?


At this moment StoringCargo is based on a temporary warehousing service, and the next big thing we will release in 2-3 months is a long-term partnership, which means that companies will be able to reserve warehouses on monthly basis and pay only for the quantity in warehouse/space they used. We are also adding the »messenger« feature, which will allow customers and warehouses to communicate easily. Like on Facebook messenger.


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